We have owned Henden for more than 20 years.

  • we run a high class, tidy dairy operation, something we are all extremely proud of;
  • our milk is bought by M&S, who requires us to operate to the highest standards;
  • we invested over £3 million in 2009 to 2016 in new infrastructrure for our livestock and their food as well as waste management facilities;
  • our barn infrastructure provides spare capacity for the animals when all have to be housed during the wet winter months;
  • the barns have wide, comfortable stalls and corridors, large fans to keep heat and humidity down, brushes for back scratching, etc;
  • we graze our herd during the summer months
  • today, we milk an average of some 240 cows three times a day within a herd of just under 270;
  • in total we handle some 460 livestock, including the herd;
  • we should produce some 3 million litres of high quality of milk per year,  i.e. 8,500 litres per day;
  • we are roughly 85% bigger than the average UK dairy farm, but a long way off from being what some call a “super farm”;
  • our livestock are well looked after and our incidences of mastitis and lameness are significantly below the national average;
  • while we are not officially organic we return our natural waste to the ground in a controlled way;


  • we employ six people for the farm (two of whom are women, including the Manager) and one for the estate.  All are housed in good homes and every one of is asked to focus on safety, a big issue for the farming industry.  We also employ two part time administrative assistants (both women);
  • our team is supported by advisers including vets, a strategist, a nutritionist, an agronomist, mechanics and electrical engineers;
  • we are regularly audited, often with little to no notice, by M&S for Health & Welfare and for Farm Standards, the RSPCA, the Red Tractor - Farm & Food Assurance, the Food Standards Agency and the Environmental Agency.  Our milk's quality is tested daily for Butterfat, Protein, Somatic Cell Count, Bactoscan, Urea and Water.  These inspections are strict, but ensure we are complying with all rules and regulations and are supplying the high quality milk that we are confident we are supplying.  In this day and age such rigorouos auditing is wholly appropriate and we welcome it.

The core principles of the farm are:

  • the health and welfare of the staff;
  • the health and welfare of the livestock;
  • the protection and enhancement of the environment;
  • financial sustainability;
  • transparency in all that we do;  and
  • maintaining comprehensive and detailed records.

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