Public Access

A welcome and a request

At Henden we have public footpaths and bridleways crossing our land.  They are well marked.  We do our best to keep the styles in good condition.  In 2014, we asked the Local Authority to move the footpath going through the farm to the fields to the east of the farm.  This move improved safety, given that we have a working farm and have equipment often working in tight spaces in the yard.  As importantly, it ensured that our animals are not exposed to diseases brought in from the outside

We welcome all walkers.  We do ask, however, that those crossing our estate with dogs to keep their animals under close control.  If the dogs have a poo please, please pick up their waste and take it off the land.  This is an important notice.  Dogs can carry Neosporosis, which if left on grazing land can seriously harm livestock.  In the third and fourth quarter of 2017 we lost 26 nearly fully termed foetuses because their mothers had ingested neospora.  This was apparently left on the footpaths crossing our grazing land adjacent and close to the farm itself.  This has clearly compromised the health of our livestock and is traumatic for all of us on the farm.

We have no wish at all to fence in our footpaths because of its insightliness and the fact that it would carve up our grazing lands.  If this problem persists, however, we will have no option but to do so.  The Local Council has indicated its support to us for putting in the fencing if we get to that position.

We hope you will enjoy our estate, but as we have said many times on this website, we care for our livestock and do not wish them to come to any harm.  Thank you for your kind attention and understanding.

The map below illustrates schematically where the footpaths and bridleways are.