Every so often we have visitors come to your farm to understand more about our business.  Some of these are professional people (eg. senior representatives of M&S, the Muller Group, the Environment Agency and the Food Standards Agency, who brought with them representatives of Red Tractor and the EU in Brussels).  Others are people or students from the UK or overseas.  We have had visitors from China, Australia, America, Canada, Malta and the Netherlands to cite some examples.  We have great pride in showing off our farm.  Often for the professional people we give a formal presentation on what our farm is, how we run it and what the opportunities and challenges are.  Some of these presentations can be accessed below.  The most recent is at the bottom of the list.  We hope you will enjoy reading them and find them interesting and useful.  If you have any comments or questions on them please do not hesitate to contact us at  Thank you.

The Journey of a Dairy Farm (presentation to some interns)

A Poo Management Business with Milk as a By-Product

A review of the Henden Dairy, June 2018