In our belief that the piublic and the consumer should be informed about all aspects of dairy farming we have prepared a database that presents a detailed summary of relevant data on Henden's dairy farming business since 2011.  We have also summariesd our annual accounts.  Analysis of all of this data will show where we have made mistakes and where we have achieved successes.  We have high aspirations, but are still on our journey of improvement in all areas:  operations and financial management.  The data is not complete and is continually being verified.  Some data is sourced to third parties such as DairyCo's Datum and DEFRA.  If we have not properly acknowledged the source we apologise.  We hope you will find this database and the summary of the accounts useful.  Please use it with caution, however.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write to

Henden Database

Henden Accounts Summary

Henden Land Summary

Henden Milk Quality records