Welcome to Henden Manor

Welcome to Henden Manor Estate.  We are located on a beautiful, historic estate near Sevenoaks in West Kent, England.

Over the period 1997 to early 2019, we were dedicated to producing the highest quality British milk ensuring at the same time the best possible safety and welfare of our staff, livestock and the environment.  Sadly, while we operated to the highest level of integrity and transparency, worked within every regulation and rule thrown at us and had an outstanding closed herd of holstein friesans, we could not make the economics work.  Over 20 years we invested a considerable sum of money on building new infrastructure and covering operating losses.  In 2018, we were milking some 240 cows three times a day.  We won Gold Awards.  In the event none of this was enough.  The level of the milk price did not justify continued investment.  So, in  2019 we sold our herd.  We left the industry with pride even if our wallett had been dented, but we also left with sorrow; sorrow that the supermarkets and the consumers are, when all is said and done, unwilling to support high quality, safe dairy farming.

Today, we have split the business into four units.  First, we let our grazing land out to other farmers, mostly sheep but in the dryer months also some cattle.  Secondly, we continue to have our arable operations, but because we now do not need the crops for our livestock we are selling them to market or to other farmers.  Thirdly, we have two houses available for rent through Airbnb:  Puncheur Place and the Oast House.  The Covid restrictions have not helped, but all of the ratings we have received so far from guests have been stellar and we are seeing guests return.  Finally, we are looking for ideally one perhaps up to three high quality, long term commercial tenants to use some or all of our unused facilities, ideally working with them to build a fit for purpose office and work (probably storage but maybe manufacturing) facilities.  Because we are private people the user(s) will need to be a low volume user(s), generating traffic onto and off the estate equivalent in total to less than half of what we had a year when we ran the dairy farm for more than 20 years.  This is a special estate and we do not want the business to be too intrusive to us or our neighbours.

In addition to the above we continue to work what we refer to as our amenity land and our woods to ensure the continued deeevelopment and diversoty of wildlife, something we enjoy a good deal.

We enter 2021 and beyond with hope and enthusiasm.  We are proud of and enjoy our Estate.  If you visit it through Airbnb or simply by passing through on the footpaths or bridelways we hope you will enjoy it, too.

Thank you for stopping by this website.  We hope you will find it informative and enjoyable. If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to write to info@hendenmanor.com.  Thank you

Martin and Roni Lovegrove

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Public Access

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Photo Gallery

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